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Living in Melbourne, Air Conditioning is a must!

Of course in Melbourne, we get the best of both worlds. It can be freezing cold in the winter and stinking hot in the summer.

Remember all of those nights, when it was too hot to sleep? What about in the middle of summer, when you literally stick to everything in the Australian heat? The only thing more uncomfortable than 40 degree heat, is 40 degree heat with humidity you can cut with a knife.

Likewise, during winter, many of the homes in Melbourne are simply not built for the cold, making it almost impossible to keep warm. Poor installation being a major cause.

Gone are the days, where air conditioning is a luxury. If you want to be comfortable, A/C is a necessity and now more than ever it’s within everyone’s reach.

You wouldn’t find too many offices without air conditioning today, so why are there so many houses that go without? You should be comfortable in your home and it’s hard to stay comfortable when mother nature is constantly changing her mind.

‘Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning’ to save the day

Reverse cycle air conditioning is the answer to both your summer and winter discomforts.

In the warmer months, your air conditioning system will cool your home, whilst in the cooler months, it will heat your rooms to your desired temperature.

Reverse cycle air conditioning has the seasons covered. In the warmer months they cool and in the cooler months they heat, which in turn make for a comfortable all year round living experience.

Here are some of the advantages of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning:

  • Can switch between heating and cooling
  • Quiet
  • Remote operated
  • Temperature control according to your comfort
  • Timers come with most models allowing you to set it to come on automatically

There are various types of reverse cycle air conditioners designed to suit every scenario, so whether you’re interested for an apartment, an entire house, an office, or a building, there’s a product designed to suit.

Choosing the right unit is paramount in ensuring that your demands are met, which is where Intelec Solutions excel.

Not only are our technician’s installation experts, they’re also highly experienced in helping you choose the right product. They’ll help you measure the room space, position the unit, and of course connect the required services.

For a ‘one-stop air-conditioning shop’, call Intelec Solutions and start living in comfort.

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