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With technology constantly evolving, so too does the way we communicate. On a macro scale in Austalia, we have recently been introduced to a national broadband (NBN) that has been rolling out across the country. As a result, digital communications and data speed has catapulted to all new levels.

Of course, however, that doesn’t necessarily affect you at home unless you have the correct infrastructure in place.

Why data?

Data is the future. in fact, it’s also the present. All you need to do is look at how mobile phone plans have evolved over the years to see what I mean.

It used to always be about how many ‘call minutes’ you have on your plan and now the calls are pretty much free. It’s all about data. Having solid data infrastructure in your home, or office ensures that productivity is at its highest and connectivity is optimised.

Whatever that might mean for you. It could be fast internet throughout the office, it could be cable TV, it might be intercom or telephone systems. It’s all data.

Intelec Solutions can provide you with the design and infrastructure you need to stay connected to the global world.

  • Digital TV antennas and cabling
  • Data and voice communications
  • Fibre Installations
  • Testing/Audits of Voice and Data Cabling
  • NBN ready installations
  • Foxtel ready installations
  • Home theatre setups including wall mounted TVs

21st century technologies require 24/7 connection. Give Intelec Solutions a call today to get your communications and data infrastructure sorted.

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