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Reduce your energy bills using solar and battery systems from Intelec Solutions.

Why Solar?

Solar energy could be the answer to the worlds fossil fuel crisis. Living in Australia, we’re fortunate enough to have a pretty good climate, right around the calendar. The sun is shining and the weather is typically pretty good.

The sun emits heat and heat is energy. Energy that can be used to charge your phone, supply your lights and heat your hot water. With the rising prices of energy in Australia, companies and individuals are turning to solar energy as a way to not only reduce electrical bills but to replace them entirely.

It may be a while off before we can completely disconnect ourselves from the grid, but the rapidly advancing solar technology is certainly enabling us to make significant steps towards that reality.

Why Solar Battery Systems?

Solar panels are brilliant for harvesting solar energy, however the future of solar will lie in the ability to be able to store the harvested energy.

Until the last few years, solar panels have effectively been used to harvest energy and feed it back into the grid in replacement for credits which give you discounts off your energy bills.

With the introduction of companies like Tesla, now we can actually harvest solar energy and use what we harvest ourselves. This is a HUGE step in self-sustainable living and that ecosystem alone could save millions of lives, right around the planet.

For you however, it could mean that your home creates and stores its own energy – which of course means you’re less dependant on the authorities, thus saving you on your electrical consumption.

Intelec Solutions’ solar and battery system process

At intelec Solutions, we assess your individual needs and design a system that will provide the most efficient return on your investment. We are passionate about innovative, clean energy, that reduces our carbon footprint while minimising energy costs.

  • Grid-Connected Systems
  • Off Grid Systems
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Battery Installations
  • Generators backup supplies
  • Ground and roof mounted.
  • Upgrades, Repairs, Maintenances.
  • Rural and Metro Installations

Intelec is an accredited design and installer with the clean energy council. Give Us a call today to organise an obligation free solar inspection at your property.

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